Post a location in the Comments section below (City and State or City and Country) and I will tell you what kind of great deals are currently available using the GRN (Global Resorts Network) Membership.  I’ll respond with the price for 8 days and 7 nights at that location.  Just keep in mind that some of these locations will actually be available for less at some point; if they’re offered as one of our $298 Hot Weeks.

But send me the location you want, the city or the actual resort
name, and I’ll give you a price that is available right now through the Global Resorts Network/Gold Crown Membership website.

Comparing Timeshares To Global Resorts Network

This post is specifically for those of you that have never attended a timeshare presentation and for those that just want to compare the prices of timeshares to the membership sold by Global Resorts Network.

Some time ago, I was invited to attend a timeshare presentation by Worldmark, a seller of timeshares, which also owns Trendwest now. They offered me a $50 American Express Cash Card, a two-night vacation at one of 6 cities, plus a $75 Gift Card to use at either Red Lobster or Olive Garden restaurants. As timeshare incentives go, this was nothing special, but the location was only 15 minutes from my home, so I agreed.

There was a short video presentation, an incredibly loud live speech,
then a sitdown with a sales closer (with absolute pandemonium breaking out from time to time as they announced and introduced the newest owner of their program), followed by a short “confirmation” and final close. The noise was so loud it actually hurt my ears! Naturally, I didn’t buy anything, but I was interested in the way they presented the situation.

They claimed that the average price of a nice hotel stay (according to the AAA) was now $150 per night. This meant that a 10-day stay would run $1,500. After 10 years of 10-day vacations, you will have paid $15,000 and, of course, have nothing tangible to show for it except your memories. Another 10 years, and you’ve spent $30,000 on your hotel stays and you don’t actually own anything.

Next, they showed all the good features of timeshares (great locations, clean facilities, and pride of ownership providing the incentive to actually take vacations every year), followed by all the benefits of using THEIR timeshares program (which is a points-based system). They showed how their basic program would provide enough points to use for a nice one-week vacation in a place like Hawaii, plus a couple of short, weekend, or overnight stays.

They pointed out that their program did not tie you down to any one
location. They said they are building more timeshares each year and you’ll never have to pay more to stay at those locations. Then they told us that if you needed to use more points one year, you could save from the previous year, borrow from the next year, or buy more points.

Finally, they showed me the price for a membership with 12,000 points per year (conveniently failing to mention the maintenance fees of $625+ per year). The price was $22,000 and I could see how that might appeal to some people. But I already had a membership that offers more benefits and cost me a lot less (and which actually allows me to stay at most, if not all, of the Worldmark timeshares without buying a single point!).

Comparing the Worldmark program to the Gold Crown Resort program sold by Global Resorts Network distributors, the biggest difference is the upfront price. Instead of paying $22,000 upfront, the Gold Crown Resort program is only $2,995. Worldmark requires maintenance fees forever, which are currently $625 per year for a 12,000 point membership while Gold Crown Resort has none. Through Gold Crown Resort, our weekly rental fees range from $298 – $799 per week while Worldmark seems to charge a small fee ($100 or so) every time you vacation.

Over 20 years, the average traveler will spend about $30,000+, the
Worldmark timeshares owner’s costs will exceed $36,500, and the Gold Crown Resort Member will pay just $19,000 for roughly the same amount of vacation time (10 days per year), except the Gold Crown Resort Member will have access to a LOT more locations and very few would be considered “average”.

But here’s the biggest kicker: if the timeshares owner wants more vacation days, he has to acquire more points, increase his maintenance obligation, and still pay a small fee when he stays.  The Gold Crown Resort owner just books the extra days when he or she wants and pays the weekly fee. Plus, if a friend or relative wants to take a nice trip, you can book a week or two for them, they just pay the rental fee, and that’s it. No big hassle. There is nothing easier or less expensive.

Finally, if you buy the Gold Crown Resort membership through my Global Resorts Network distributorship, I’ll give you a one year, no-questions-asked, full money back guarantee.  Try to get THAT from a timeshare seller!

Summertime is almost here; have you made your travel plans for this year? Don’t you want to stay somewhere GREAT, without spending a lot of money? Call me now at (626)215-3750 or send an email. Join the Gold Crown Resort program and enjoy the best the world has to offer.

I’ve been saying for years that nobody should buy a timeshare.  They are too expensive for what you get, it’s difficult to trade your weeks or location for a different one, and they go DOWN in value.  On Monday, March 7th, the Los Angeles Times printed an article titled “Owners of time shares find few willing to buy“.  In the article, it says –

“how much they’re worth is a different issue. One Florida listing service estimates that most time shares are selling for no more than 10% of the original price. Some owners are lucky to get pennies on the dollar.”

If you have a timeshare and want to sell it with no upfront expenses, give me a call at 626-215-3750.  I’ll tell you how to do it.

If you are considering the purchase of a timeshare, DON’T DO IT!  There are much better options to guarantee years of inexpensive luxury vacations.  To find one, start by requesting my free report in the right-hand column of this page.  It’ll introduce you to the program that allows you to rent timeshares and other luxury resorts for as little as $298 per week.

(originally published 04/17/09)

The Magens Bay Village Club is the focus of this article.   I hope you enjoy. Remember, our NORMAL prices for great resorts and timeshares range from $599 – $799 for one full week, which is almost always AT LEAST $1,000 less than the best prices available from the online services (Travelocity, Priceline, etc), if they can even book them!  Sometimes, our prices are more than $2,000 less and these are not priced “per person”.  They are the full prices for as many guests as the resort will allow in the room and the taxes are usually included in the prices I quote here.

One of the MANY benefits of the Membership that I offer is access to just about all cruises at rock-bottom prices.  If you’re interested in a particular cruise, send me an email or post your question in the comments section below.

Information about cruises is on the Member website and in the email newsletter sent out by the provider of our Membership program.  It has several DOZEN opportunities to book discount cruises or resorts at prices even lower than our normal super-low prices on a first-come, first-served basis.  The newsletter is free for all Members, but you can see a sample of it at this link –

There are even more special offers located in the SPECIALS and HOT WEEKS sections of the Member website.  Just a few of the MANY special offers on the board right now include the following (these are all for 2 bedroom units) –

$398 in the Bahamas

$689 in the Canary Isles

$599 in Cancun, Mexico

$699 in Acapulco, Mexico

$398 in Kauai, Hawaii

$689 in Camarthenshire, Wales

This month’s Resort Comparison is here – The beautiful coastline of St. Thomas and the natural contours of it’s hills and valleys, combined with year-round sunshine and tropical flora, make the Magens Bay Villas Club the ultimate vacation experience.

The breathtaking beauty of Magen’s Beach was voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches by National Geographic Magazine, and provides the perfect setting for this tropical resort.

When comparing the exact dates and unit size with membership, none of the major travel providers had any availability.  We called the resort direct to get a quote for the week being offered through membership.  They wanted over $260.00 per night, totaling $1,841.00 for the week.  Membership has it for only $298.

That’s a minimum savings of over $1,500.00 on this one week alone. These types of savings are available exclusively to our members, who also get AIRFARE at WHOLESALE, using the same service used by many travel agents.

Please send any and all questions to me at –

Magens Bay Village ClubThe Beach At Magens Bay Village Club

I thought I’d take a moment from re-posting my old articles and give you an update about the types of Specials and Hot Weeks that are available through our Membership right now.  Any of the following can be booked today if you have the membership sold by Global Resorts Network –

Club La Costa at Las Ferolas, Spain  2 bedroom  $689 per week (sleeps 6)

Loch Rannoch Highland Club, Scotland  2 bdrm $310 per week (sleeps 6)

Portes du Soleil, Val d’Illiez, Switzerland, 2 bdrom $650 per week (sleeps 5)

Wyndham Bali Hai Villas Two Bedroom 13-Feb 2011 20-Feb 2011 $398 Princeville
Kuhio Banyan Club Studio 12-Feb 2011 19-Feb 2011 $398 Honolulu
Westgate Leisure Resort Two Bedroom 01-May 2011 08-May 2011 $365 Orlando
High Point World Resort One Bedroom 07-May 2011 14-May 2011 $355 Kissimmee
Florida Vacation Villas Club I Two Bedroom 14-May 2011 21-May 2011 $365 Kissimmee
Westgate Leisure Resort Two Bedroom 15-May 2011 22-May 2011 $365 Orlando
Orbit One Vacation Villas Two Bedroom 22-May 2011 29-May 2011 $365 Kissimmee
Celebration World Resort One Bedroom 27-May 2011 03-Jun 2011 $355 Kissimmee
Blg-Beijing Longtou Apartment Hotel 04-Mar 2011 11-Mar 2011 $350 Beijing
Beijing Shihao International Hotel One Bedroom 20-Mar 2011 27-Mar 2011 $398 Beijing
Noble Yacht Club Hotel 25-Mar 2011 01-Apr 2011 $349 Haikou
HNA @ Beach & Spa Resort Haikou Hotel 26-Mar 2011 02-Apr 2011 $369 Hainan
HNA @ Kangle Garden Hainan Hotel 09-Apr 2011 16-Apr 2011 $369 Hainan
Noble Yacht Club Hotel 13-May 2011 20-May 2011 $369 Haikou
Beijing Shihao International Hotel One Bedroom 22-May 2011 29-May 2011 $398 Beijing
HNA @ Kangle Garden Hainan Hotel 11-Jun 2011 18-Jun 2011 $349 Hainan
Ramada Plaza Hotel Yantai Two Bedroom 15-Aug 2011 22-Aug 2011 $269 Yantai
Ramada Plaza Hotel Yantai Two Bedroom 12-Sep 2011 19-Sep 2011 $269 Yantai
Paradise Canyon Golf Resort Two Bedroom 11-Feb 2011 18-Feb 2011 $398 West Lethbridge
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort One Bedroom 27-Feb 2011 06-Mar 2011 $398 Banff
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort One Bedroom 27-Feb 2011 06-Mar 2011 $265 Banff
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort Two Bedroom 06-Mar 2011 13-Mar 2011 $345 Banff
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort One Bedroom 13-Mar 2011 20-Mar 2011 $398 Banff

I know the northeast section of Australia is having a pretty bad time of it, but this will pass and you can get some amazing offers in other parts.  Here are just some of the Hot Weeks available today –

Murray Valley Resort Two Bedroom 25-Feb 2011 04-Mar 2011 $398 Yarrawonga
Kyneton Bushland Resort Two Bedroom 04-Mar 2011 11-Mar 2011 $298 Kyneton Victoria
Kyneton Bushland Resort Two Bedroom 04-Mar 2011 11-Mar 2011 $298 Kyneton Victoria
Sunraysia Resort Two Bedroom 18-Mar 2011 25-Mar 2011 $298 Mildura
Mansfield Country Resort Two Bedroom 18-Mar 2011 25-Mar 2011 $298 Mansfield
Busselton Beach Resort Three Bedroom 18-Feb 2011 25-Feb 2011 $298 Busselton
Korora Bay Village Two Bedroom 05-Feb 2011 12-Feb 2011 $229 Coffs Harbour
Korora Bay Village Two Bedroom 12-Feb 2011 19-Feb 2011 $279 Coffs Harbour
Korora Bay Village Two Bedroom 18-Feb 2011 25-Feb 2011 $350 Coffs Harbour
Korora Bay Village Two Bedroom 25-Feb 2011 04-Mar 2011 $398 Coffs Harbour
Boambee Bay Resort Two Bedroom 25-Feb 2011 04-Mar 2011 $398 Coffs Harbour
The Moorings II Two Bedroom 25-Feb 2011 04-Mar 2011 $298 Tomakin
Tamarind Sands Two Bedroom 11-Mar 2011 18-Mar 2011 $299 Bogangar NSW